Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Blues--52 Weeks Later

Photo credit to Scott R. Kline.

As Cooper supervises the packing for he and Missy’s move from Baltimore to St. Louis, we’ve been reminiscing via text this week about our Blues Road Trip—which took place exactly one year ago. It's been all over my mind these past few days.

First off, I’m blown away that it’s been a year.  Granted, I’ve changed jobs, moved from Chicago to Evansville to Louisville, had one child graduate from college and another enroll…it’s not exactly been a quiet year!  But all of that said it still amazes me that it’s been a year.  I told Coop this morning that I can remember touring Stax records in Memphis like it was last week, not one year ago tomorrow.

Reading back through our blog (check it out here: it was not only a great trip and great time, but both Coop and I did a pretty good job of capturing it.

I’ll also say this: we’ve gotten better over the past three years (ever since Bazoo’s death) at doing these guys weekends and trips.  Coop, Newly, Campbell, Ettinger…we’ve even got Hack and Scott in from long distance.  Andy Knoop and I started doing this nearly ten years ago and those trips are a lifeline to me.  But it’s great getting reconnected with all of these guys too.  Do it.  Do it now. Life’s too short, and we’ve had far too many reminders of that lately in our little circle.

It's a very cool thing re-establishing your childhood connections as adults.  There's a commonality that you either forget or take for granted...a shared memory.  Until Dan and I started connecting like this again, I forgot that our Moms had been friends, and that Cooper and I started hanging out together when I was about 3 and he was 5.  We rode the bus together, played HS golf together, fooled around on the guitar together, and as it turned out from this trip--it was no accident, we like hanging out together.  LoL.

Anyway, this trip with him was just one of these myriad reconnections that have kind of sustained me through some challenging times over the past few years.  Andy and I never really lost touch. Scott and I have also done a pretty good job at staying close. Newly and I got reconnected when I moved to Evansville in 2000. But Coop and Campbell has really just been over the past three years, and Hack within the past two.  And it's very cool. Like finding money in your pocket you didn't know was there.

No real point to all of this rambling here.  Just thinking back on one of the great trips ever, and alot of great friendships over the years.  Coop…NOLA is calling again, and Austin is still begging to be hit…  J